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Things are moving quickly

February was a great month for Honeycutt Images, as the workflow of shooting and editing really started come together. It is clear to me that HDR shooting is great for exteriors to capture color in the sky and shadow detail, but interior HDR is lacking to me. I prefer to shoot flash and ambient blends and just purchased a third slave flash(600w) for larger rooms. This month Honeycutt Images also purchased new editing monitors, a new editing tower and a few other nifty toys. The faster editing means better pictures and videos in less time.

The challenges that were had in February definitely focused around the rehab on my MCL sprain. The videos all have a limp evident, so editing these has been a challenge. I would doubt at this point that I could do three shooting days in a row, but I am still dedicated to my physical therapy and I am making progress, it is just slow. Thankfully, the final product has quick enough cuts to avoid showing off my limp, but it will be exciting when I am not editing it out.

For March, I am excited to contact and bring on additional clients. I am very appreciative of all the support from my existing clients and their business has allowed Honeycutt Images to continue to reinvest into the making the best photographs and video possible. Now that I am spending less time editing, I can finally fit in more shoots and that means more clients.

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